Village Info

Village Info

Notice is given to any and all interested parties that the draft 2017 Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the Village of Three Oaks, MI will be available for review and comment for 30 days beginning Friday, January 6, 2017 at Village Hall located at 21 N. Elm Street. It is open from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday thru Thursday and  closed on Friday. 


The Village of Three Oaks is preparing a five-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan in accordance with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources requirements.  When completed, the plan will serve as a guide for the acquisition and development of community recreation facilities and programs over the next five (5) years. 

Dashboard & Citizens Guide
On behalf of the 1,622 great citizens of the Village of Three Oaks, please review the following Performance Dashboard and Citizens Guide. The guides provide a clear and concise picture of where your tax dollars are going. We are pleased to provide the residents, visitors and guests with a sound financial picture and aspire to continue Village operations in an appropriate and professional manner.

Master Plan 2030
View the new Master Plan for Three Oaks 2030 (Adopted 12/14/2011). The pdf file is 7 megabytes so the download will take a little while depending on your ISP.
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact a member of the Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Board, or the Downtown Development Authority; whichever is most appropriate.

Water Info

LAKESHORE RECYCLING - 877-LAKE-877 (877-525-3877)

Lakeshore Recycling and Disposal is making curbside recycling available for all households interested in dealing directly with Lakeshore, for $10.50 per 6 month period.
Thank you Lakeshore Recycling for providing dumpsters at no cost for our clean up day.


Watkins Park

Dewey Cannon & Carver Park

Yard Waste

Remember these rules (Ordinance #184):
  • Containers must be the paper yard waste bags (available at local grocery, lawn, garden and hardwarestores) OR 32 gallon cans clearly marked "Yard Waste" OR in Biodegradable plastic bags (available on-line and at some stores).
  • There is a 60 pound weight limit on all containers (bags or designated yard waste receptacles containing yard waste).
  • Yard waste collected in non-biodegradable plastic bags or single layer paper bags is prohibited and will not be collected.
  • Mixing of yard waste with your regular trash is prohibited.

Acceptable yard waste is considered to be grass clippings and garden weeds, leaves, and trimmings.
  • Brush (2" in diameter or less) may be considered yard waste and packaged in either of the above-mentioned ways. Keep grass and brush separate.
  • Trimmings / Branches between 2" – 6" diameter will be collected with the yard waste provided they are 4 feet maximum in length and neatly stacked as curbside bundles.
  • If you have trimmings larger than 6" diameter, contact a private tree service contractor or refuse hauler.

Yard waste improperly packaged or mixed with other materials:
  • Yard waste placed in improper containers or mixed with other materials WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.
  • A violation notice may be issued advising the owner or occupant to remove the yard waste from the curband separate it for the following week’s collection.
  • If the yard waste is not removed from the curb, residents will be assessed charges to have the debris removed

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