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The Village Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) appointed by the Village Council to manage the affairs of the Village. The Village Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Village, provides overall direction to and is responsible for the management, staffing, administration and operation of all Village Departments. It is the duty of the Village Manager to provide reports to the Council in regard to ongoing activities within the Village as well as evaluating services and making recommendations for the improvement of operations. The Village Manager is also responsible for seeking grant monies under the Councils direction and executes the Village Councils decisions.

                    "Beginning August 1, 2017, Mike Greene will be the new Village Manager of Three Oaks.

The Village Council unanimously agreed that Greene was their first choice from a pool of 21 applicants for the $60,000-per-year slot. He will replace Adam Umbrasas, who resigned at the end of May.

The council cited Greene's enthusiasm, the research he did on Three Oaks and the ideas suggested during the interview. The council also interviewed David Kowal. A third finalist withdrew before Wednesday's meeting.

Greene described his leadership skills as adaptive, energetic and optimistic. Since July 2016, he has been a local government management fellow for Rockingham County, North Carolina. He has a Master's degree in Public Administration from East Carolina University and a Bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University.

Greene said he fell in love with Three Oaks after arriving there Tuesday. He is from Caro, Michigan and is looking forward to moving back to Michigan, saying he missed the lakes.

"I'd describe Three Oaks to my friends as a place you would visit for a few days and want to move to. The people are friendly and willing to talk with you about anything and the food is fantastic," Greene said, adding that the town was walker friendly and very clean. "It's like the Mayberry of the Midwest."

Admitting he didn't have much hands-on experience, Greene said he can learn quickly and would work with the village's current knowledgeable employees. He said he is experienced in researching and writing federal and state grants, which can be used to offset programs, such as incentives to foster a healthy downtown economy and dealing with the village's water and drainage issues.

Greene said his first three priorities would be getting familiar with the village budget; installing a performance measurement programs with annual reports to citizens to foster accountability and transparency; and setting goals for economic development.

Greene said that he believes that involvement is key to community pride and said he would work to build relationships with community groups, the schools and township so everyone in the community is aware of the opportunities to become involved.
When asked how long he would expect his tenure in Three Oaks to be, Greene replied, "As long as you want me."

Helping in the search for the new manager was Frank Walsh, currently Meridian Township manager and former St. Joseph city manager. Walsh helped with the village's search for its last two, and only, village managers."

Hayes, Janet (2017, July 15). Three Oaks hires new manager. Herald Paladuim. Retrieved from

If you wish to contact the Village Manager please feel free to call (269) 756-9221 or email

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