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Parks & Recreation Board
The Parks & Recreation Board is appointed by the Village Council and serves as an advisory body to oversee the management and budgetary decisions regarding parks in the community. Board members meet once a month and include representatives of the community as well as the Village Council and the Planning Commission. One member of the Board is also a Three Oaks Township resident which promotes cross-jurisdictional and regional prosperity.

Click here to view the Three Oaks Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

Parks & Recreation Board Members
Term Expires - Nov. 2021 Term Expires - Nov. 2022 Term Expires - Nov. 2023
Joan Brown, Chair (Twp. Rep.) Georgiana Carroll Marlene Kramer
 Lindsey Clements  Debbie Schutt Larry Shawver
                      Tyler Ream - Village Liaison                                               Edward White, Sr.

The Parks & Recreation Board meet the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in Village Hall. Currently, all meetings are being conducted via "Zoom".
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